Youth Hut

Our purpose built youth hut is the focal point of Heritage for our HeriKids and HeriTeens. It is within view of the clubhouse but far enough away to allow children and teenagers a chance to ‘escape’ from the adults into a fun and sociable place.

The youth hut is equipped  with a flat screen TV, Xbox and DVD player, meaning that the younger children can sit and watch cartoons, or the older ones tune into their favourite show.

Also in the hut are  two computers connected to the Internet. This has the latest parental controls to ensure the safety of our HeriKids when browsing the internet.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a chilling out place if there wasn’t something to relax on. The youth hut has a variety of  bean bags and chairs enabling the children to chill out and relax, have a chat or watch the TV.

For the more competitive children, there is also table football. Whether you’re going to organise a full ‘World Cup’ competition or just have a quick kick about for fun, it’s a great way to pass the time and beat your friends at a game or two.