Management Committee

The management committee consists of members of Heritage, just like everyone else. They have volunteered to offer the club varying degrees of their time and expertise to ensure Heritage is run effectively.

Being on the management committee is an elected role, with elections being held at the AGM in October. Once elected the member can remain in post for up to two years. The committee comprises of a huge range of expertise, knowledge and ages.

The committee usually meet once a month to discuss agenda items. These meetings allow decisions for the future of Heritage to be discussed. Minutes for the meetings are then sent out to members via the HeriNews email system.

Supporting the management committee, a treasury team, as well as sub-committees who are involved with maintenance, grounds, camping, social events, sports and publicity.  New to Heritage is the addition of ‘meet and greet hosts’ for visitors to our Club.

President's Introduction

Welcome to Heritage Club and our website,

As the Club President, I would like to give you a brief overview of Heritage Club Limited.  My thanks must go to the original members who had the foresight, in 1941, to see that this piece of land within a National Trust area would make such a wonderful Club facility for future generations to enjoy.  It is lovely for us to know that we still have some members with over 50 years of membership, and that all these years later we still have new members joining us.

Heritage has undergone several improvements over the last few years with the aim of keeping Heritage among the top naturists Clubs in the country.  The grounds continue to reap the benefits of Work Sundays during the Winter season and regular top up work during the summer, including the filling of a vast number of large flower pots giving us a welcoming sea of colour from Spring through to the Winter.   Among the shrubs and trees, we have quieter sunbathing areas for those wishing to join us for the first time, as well as more open lawns giving a great space for socialising.

Camping here will give you a real sense of the naturist life. Our social events offer an opportunity to meet with other members and is particularly good for new members wishing to join in the fun and get to meet the rest of us. Our sports facilities are popular with those looking to be active and our swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, and steam room area is a wonderful focal point for members to meet and enjoy great relaxation.

The children at Heritage can take advantage of a ‘hut’ of their own with games and a PC available to them and an outside play area and kiddies pool for the smaller children.

Please be assured that a warm welcome awaits you at Heritage, whether you are camping with us or visiting with a view to membership.

We hope to see you soon.

Liz S.

President and Director

Heritage Club Limited