Maintaining Heritage

A large number of visitors to Heritage often comment on how well kept and beautiful our grounds look. Many visitors are also impressed with the scale and variety of facilities that we all enjoy at Heritage.

We agree, they are fantastic! But what is the secret to having such a wonderful place to visit? The answer is simple: Team Work.

Heritage does take a lot to maintain. There are countless jobs when it comes to keeping the grounds tidy, facilities maintained and modernising or improving various parts of the club. A lot of this work is undertaken during the colder months of the year by work parties, usually on a Sunday.


Other tasks, such as maintaining the pool and hot tub, administration, sweeping the floor and keeping Heritage generally clean and tidy all need daily attention.

It may surprise you to know that 99% of everything mentioned above, is done by our members. We try as much as possible to minimise the use of outside contractors. The reason is two-fold; our visitors and members like to enjoy Heritage in the nude (weather permitting) without the distraction of non-naturists walking around the place. The other reason is cost. Our annual membership fees are very reasonable. Our camping fees for members, are even better.

As a not-for-profit organisation we want to keep Heritage affordable to people from all walks of life. Allowing everybody the opportunity to experience just how relaxing and calming the joys of naturism can be at Heritage.

Whilst we do not insist that new members must come to work parties, we actively encourage it. It does not matter how able bodied you are or whether you have a degree in mechanical engineering. Everybody, one way or another, can usually donate some of their time or expertise at some point throughout the year.

It certainly bodes well for those new members on probation when it comes to being accepted as a full member.

During the work Sundays there are a multitude of jobs you could help with. Simple tasks such as sweeping leaves, washing windows or vacuuming. If you fancy more of a workout, trimming hedges or carrying cuttings might be your thing. Plants need planting, lawns need mowing and there’s always a bonfire to keep an eye on. Some of our less physical members like to help out by making delicious cakes and serving them with tea during rest breaks.

A work Sunday can always be a good opportunity to socialise whilst working with other members, getting to know them better and making new friends. A highlight of the day is always lunch time. We are fortunate enough to have a well-equipped Cookhouse in which (more volunteers) make a satisfying meal for all the workers.

Outside of the work Sundays there are always other jobs that need doing. Whether you’re handy with a paintbrush or have building or electrical skills (or ANY other skills), all of these abilities come in handy at some point throughout each year. Even more so when we have a large project on the go. So when you sign up for membership, let us know what you can do, or want to do.

That is how we keep Heritage looking so fantastic and modern. Thank you, to every one of you.