Heri Kids

Hi, my name is James and I am a HeriKid, I love going to Heritage because it is sooooo much fun and there is loads to do. You can swim, play tennis and miniten (adults seem to like this more, it’s basically tennis but on a smaller court with wooden bats ) and there is a play park and a rope swing.

Table Football
The Internet!

You can also chill out in the Youth Hut with its TV and football table. Outside there are acres of grounds to play games in, especially hide and seek.

In family week every August we have a water slide and on the main field a bigger water slide that takes ages to slide down, there is also a treasure hunt and water pistol fights.

Sometimes we go pond dipping and in the mornings we make and build things. In the evenings there are discos, quiz’s and sometimes even a glow disco which is great fun.

At Halloween we have a party and we can dress up in scary outfits and there is always loads of food and funny games and we also go trick or treating but only inside the club.

Play Park

At Christmas we have another party and Father Christmas comes and sits in his grotto and we all get a pressie from him, we also play games and eat loads.

I love running around Heritage because it is so safe and everyone is really friendly and nice and I have some brilliant friends there. It really feels like a big family, any new HeriKid is always made welcome and it’s great to meet new friends to play with in the pool or in the play park. Come and join Heritage it would be great to see you. You will have loads of fun.