Instructions Page

Here you will find useful instructions on how to use the various facilities at Heritage. Click a heding below to skip to the appropriate section.

Umbrella Instructions

The umbrella shades are a fantastic addition to the pool area. However, if you don’t know how to operate them properly they can be tricky to use. Hopefully the following instructions will make it easier for you.

These are the main parts to take note of.

Unlock the handle and then start to lift the small shaft.

Slide the collar onto the collar stub.

Gripping under the handle, whilst sliding it up, push the main shaft upwards to extend the umbrella head.

Once the main shaft has been fully extended, lock the handle back down.

To open out the umbrella sail, wind the silver handle clockwise. It may be stiff.

Toward the end of winding/opening ensure this cup marries up with it’s seating pole.

Once in position you have successfully completed erecting the umbrella.

Please remember at the end of the day (or if it gets windy) to put the umbrella down. Simply follow these instructions, in reverse order.

Ice Machine Instructions

  1. Leave the machine running. It will create ice and stop creating ice automatically.
  2. Use the ice scoop to take your ice (no fingers). Please be considerate of how busy the club is and of others who might be wanting ice for their drinks. Don’t forget to close the lid after use.
  3. Periodically check there is enough water in the reservoir. If there isn’t the machine will stop automatically.


  • Lift the ice basket from the machine.
  • Place it on a tea towel to save dripping everywhere.


Use the jug provided and carefully pour cold tap water into the reservoir.


  • Fill the water to JUST BELOW the level of the ice basket shelf.
  • Replace the ice basket.
  • Close the lid.
  • Enjoy your chilled beverage.


Sauna instructions coming soon.

Steam Room

Steam room instructions coming soon.

Hot Tub

To following video show you how to carefully open and close our expensive and new hot tub cover.