Heritage Club Ltd. 2020 AGM (postponed version)

Welcome to the voting page for the Heritage Club Ltd. AGM 2020. As you know, the original date for the AGM was back in October 2020. This had to be postponed because of the Covid-19 situation.

Due to the pandemic still being an ongoing situation, the Directors have decided to hold, as best we can, a virtual AGM meeting utilising Zoom (for voice and video) and this webpage, in order to count each member’s votes.

Each vote to be made is shown below.

Please refrain from completing each vote until it is time to vote (in the AGM Zoom meeting) on each individual topic.

Votes are restricted to one response per (adult) member, per topic. Any attempts to skew volting results will invalidate all votes coming from that family/household unit.

GDPR: Using this webpage to register your vote will be regarded as you accepting that we will collect your voting data for the sole use of this Heritage 2020 AGM. This data will be erased after all votes have been counted and the Heritage 2020 AGM has been concluded. If you do no agree to us using your data in this way please do not vote and close this webpage.


Vote 1

Favouorite Drink
What is your favourite drink?

Vote 2

What is your favourite place for a holiday?
14 votes · 14 answers

Vote 3


What is your favourite animal?

Vote 4


Which Biscuit Do You Like Most?
15 votes · 15 answers

Vote 5

Which Takeaway Do You Prefer?